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Sporting Designs Ltd manufactures and supplies scoreboards and kits for a variety of sports including polo, hockey, rugby, cricket and other team sports. In recent years, we have expanded our range to cover all types of LED as well as flip-digits scoreboards.

New LED panel scoreboards. Display the team names as well as the scores and time. These are still incredibly simple to control using just 6 buttons on the controller. Can be set up for ALL sports. These scoreboards can store up to 50 team names including generic names such as “home”, ”visitors” and a full range of colours “Black”, “White”, “Grey”, “Green” and so on. It is very simple to scroll through the names before a match starts. We generally use green LEDs because in tests in bright sunshine, green has the best contrast. LED panel scoreboards need a lot of power and so are not suitable for battery operation.
Sporting Designs' LED panel scoreboard

Our usual wrist wireless controller can be used as well as this - our fixed controller. This is battery operated (two
AA batteries will last a full year) and this can be fixed to a wall or netting.
Sporting Designs' fixed wireless controller

Extra large LED digits. Designed for larger polo clubs, we have developed an extra large LED digit scoreboard. The digits are 1 metre high to allow them to be seen from 300 - 400 metres away with an exceptional wide viewing angle (120 °). We use green LEDs because of their better contrast in bright sunshine. These scoreboards use a lot of power and so they have to be mains powered. The digits have built-in cooling for hot countries and control is from our usual range of 6 button controllers. There is also a short video clip on http://www.sportingdesigns.co.uk/technical_page.html

Sporting Designs' extra large (1 metre high) LED digit prototype undergoing tests - now fully installed - more details to follow

Wireless units improved. Since our last newsletter, the wireless units we use have been upgraded with extra selective switches to further reduce the likelihood of external interference. Multiple scoreboards close by can also be set to different frequencies.
Polo Sin Bins. The recent changes in polo rules allow a player to be sent to the 'Sin Bin' for 2 minutes. We are considering building an add-on to our polo scoreboards to mount 3 LED digits which would count down from 2:00 whenever the clock is running. The cost is likely to be in the order of £650 plus a fitting visit. If you are interested, then please contact Paul Girdham.
Scoreboard Rental. We would like to remind everyone that we have a couple of scoreboards available for rent for special events. Both are battery powered. One is large (this one is towable) and suitable for polo, rugby, polocrosse and so on. The other is a smaller one suitable for hockey, arena polo and so on. We rebuilt the large one a year ago and this now hydraulically folds over for transport. This makes it much easier to tow and also making it a one-person job to erect it. Both scoreboards can be set up for all sports (except cricket). The large scoreboard is popular during the summer and we recommend that you book it as soon as you know your dates.

The rental scoreboard used in a recent film

Scoreboards kits. Do you want to reduce the cost of a scoreboard and provide your own frame, or perhaps you would like to refurbish your existing scoreboard? Then we can provide you a complete kit of parts including digits, controller, wireless parts, bell/horn, all wiring, all instructions and telephone support. We have supplied a number of kits to a number of countries around the world.
Hockey corner time. When in hockey mode, you can use the scoreboard to start the hockey corner time (40 seconds) to ensure that a short corner is taken in the allotted time.
Refurbish options. Sporting Designs can refurbish all sorts of scoreboards especially cricket scoreboards where there is often a large panel. We install our controller and wireless parts, sometimes using the existing digits. We pride ourselves in having the simplest-to-use cricket controller.

A recent cricket scoreboard refurbishment

Spares. Sporting Designs can supply any spare parts for any scoreboard that we have ever supplied. This includes controllers, digits, bell/horn, switches, clock hands, motors, wireless and spare acrylic / polycarbonate. Many of these parts are also available from component suppliers. The one exception to this are very early bought-in LED panels; later panels are available.

We would be very pleased to hear from any of our scoreboard users for further ideas and suggestions.

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