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Cricket Scoreboard
Cricket scoreboard with full wireless operation.Click on image for a larger view.

Cricket Control Pad

Cricket scoreboard control pad layout. Click on image for a larger view.



New Cricket scoreboard with full wireless operation


For Cricket, the scoreboard can have an almost unlimited number of values displayed such as Batsman number (*2), Batsman runs (*2), Total runs, Overs, Wickets, Last man, First innings, Target runs etc. etc. Existing manual scoreboards may be converted to 'automatic' wireless control with a variety of different sized digits. The wireless remote control unit allows the scoreboard to be controlled from anywhere around the ground with a range of over 200 metres. The control unit is simple and intuitive to operate with 'Batsman Out' and 'Declare' buttons to speed up and simplify operation. The UNDO button will reverse up to the last 20 operations. In case of wireless problems, the remote control unit can even be plugged directly into the scoreboard control unit for local operation. Cricket scoreboards are ideal for operation by solar panels; much cheaper and safer than installing a mains supply.
Cricket Scoreboard.

Old Cricket scoreboards (example above) can be updated by Sporting Designs using the existing frame/building and/or digits as required. Contact Sporting Designs for ideas.


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