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Rental In Use

Rental scoreboard in use for polo


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Why not rent a scoreboard for those important occasions?
Sporting Designs can rent you a scoreboard for a variety of outdoor sports. We operate a first-come first-served booking system so you should contact us immediately you know your dates to make a reservation. Scoreboards are available for polo, hockey, rugby, football, polo crosse and other outdoor team sports.

You can either collect the rental scoreboard from us in Leicestershire (the bigger one comes on a trailer for towing) or we can deliver it for you at extra cost. The scoreboard is very easy to tow at the legal maximum as it has a low wind resistance because it is thin. It weighs 1,370 kg in total. The overall size is 2.41 metres high, 6.2 metres long (tow bar to the other end) and 2.12 metres wide. When the top is extended, the height is 4.09 metres. The scoreboard itself is 4.48 metres long.

All our rental scoreboards come with two fully charged 12 volt car batteries which are sufficient for a typical long weekend. Our big scoreboard has a solar panel built in. Team colour boards supplied with the rental polo scoreboard are Navy, Lt blue, Yellow, Orange, Brown, White, Red, Black, Green, Pink (shown below), Gold, Grey, Lt Blue, White/Navy stripes, White/Lt Blue stripes, White/Red stripes. If you want to produce your own team colour boards, make them 60 cm by 60 cm and 3mm thick.

Rental Scoreboard

Rental scoreboard in use for polo. It folds down for transport

You can put your own banner on the top. This is 440 cm long by 75 cm high. You can attach a banner with eyelets and black elastic cord or simply staple it onto the wooden frame.


The rental scoreboard for polo. It is trailer mounted and operated wirelessly

remote control unit

The scoreboard can be operated remotely by an umpire or a timekeeper. Click on image for a larger view

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