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rugby scoreboard

The fixed scoreboard can clearly be seen from over 300 metres away. Click on image for a larger view. This one has the optional LED name board.

Close up

This fixed scoreboard has the optional LED name display. Click on image for a larger view

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Sporting Designs scoreboard is designed specifically for rugby. Firstly, the scoreboard can be seen from over 200 metres away. It can easily be seen in bright sunlight. It can be operated wirelessly from over 250 meters away either by a timekeeper or even by the referee on the field.
The fully electronic scoreboard displays the time and scores for both teams.
The scoreboard has been designed by an experienced umpire and caters all the intricacies of the game. In addition, it can cater for friendly games which you may want to last ,say, 30 minutes.
Sporting Designs scoreboard adds a great deal for spectators and players. For spectators, it confirms the correct scores at all times and lets everyone know how long there is to play as the clock counts down. Towards the end of play knowing the time to go makes the game much more exciting. For players, they can see confirmation of the scores and know when to play strategically.

Remote control unit

The scoreboard is operated wirelessly by a referee or a timekeeper. Click on image for a larger view

Mobile scoreboard

This is a smaller mobile scoreboard. Click on image for a larger view

Click here to download the scoreboard specification (PDF file)

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